VDMA Online Event "The Global Production Language - OPC UA Companion Specifications": successfully completed

On November 10, 2020 the world's first immersive online event on OPC UA took place. Participants of the event learned about the approaches and contents of already published or currently under development OPC UA Companion Specifications of the mechanical and plant engineering industry - flexible and convenient in your home office.


OPC UA standards will significantly influence and change the communication in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the manufacturing and process industry. In addition, customers like the automotive industry of the mechanical and plant engineering industry will in future demand that products support OPC UA Companion Specifications and thus have standardized interfaces. In the VDMA, over 600 companies are currently developing interface standards, the so-called OPC UA Companion Specifications, in over 35 working groups.


In this immersive event there was an overview of:

  • the Role of OPC UA standards for the mechanical engineering industry by the VDMA, 
  • updates on OPC UA activities and harmonization approaches of the OPC Foundation, 
  • why umati will stregthen the adoption of OPC UA standards world wide and
  • how "OPC UA for Machinery" harmonization of OPC UA standards for mechanical engineering industry will serve as the basis for every upcomeing OPC UA Companion Specification.


All slides and the videos of the presentations are available for download here. 


If you are still unclear about the lectures held, it is advisable to have a look at the article on frequently asked questions. Otherwise you are welcome to contact us directly.

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8:00 16:00 Welcome Reception &  Introduction to the webtool
8:15 16:15

Welcome & agenda presentation
Henrik Schunk, VDMA Vice President
Andreas Faath, VDMA

Key Notes
8:30 16:30

Interoperability in machinery industry: The global production language
Andreas Faath, VDMA

8:50 16:50

Interoperability in machinery industry: Collection of technology bricks
Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation

9:10 17:10 Umati 
Dr. Alexander Broos, VDW
9:25 17:25

OPC UA for Machinery 
Heiko Herden, VDMA

Parallel Sessions
9:45 17:45

OPC UA for Robotics
Bernd Fiebiger, KUKA

OPC UA Companion Specifiction Testbed 
Dominik Rohrmus, LNI 4.0

OPC UA for Weighing Technology
Eugen Schibli, Mettler Toledo

OPC UA for Surface Technology
Peter Turczak, Wilhelm Wagner GmbH

OPC UA for Drive Technology 
Oliver Barth, Wittenstein Cyber Motor

10:15 18:15

OPC UA for Machine Vision 
Peter Waskewitz, Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH

OPC UA for Machine Tools
Andreas Wohlfeld, Trumpf; Tonja Heinemann, ISW Stuttgart

OPC UA for Integrated Assembly Soluions
Mohit Agarwal, Atlas Copco

OPC UA for Food Processing and Packaging Machinery 
Christoph Nophut, TU München

10:45 18:45

OPC UA for Metallurgy 
Dr. Kai Kerber, Oskar Frech GmbH

OPC UA for Woodworking 
Ernst Esslinger, Homag

OPC UA for Plastics and Rubber Machines 
Wolfgang Hoeglinger, Engel Austria GmbH

Machinery – Technical DeepDive 
Timo Helfrich, VDMA

11:10 19:10 Farewell 
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