II4IP: OPC UA project develops cross-sector standards

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The project "Interoperable Interfaces for Intelligent Production", II4IP for short, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), aims at the development of cross-industry OPC UA standards. You can find more about goals, measures and background information in the flyer of the same name.

Cross-sector interfaces for machines and components in the form of the OPC UA standard “OPC UA for Machinery” are being developed on the basis of available sector-specific OPC UA standards for mechanical engineering as well as those under development. As part of this, it is important that the requirements of the manufacturing industry and indeed of the entire industrial value-creation net-work are taken into account and that players both within and outside mechanical engineering are involved.

The „Interoperable Interfaces for Intelligent Production“ project focuses on ensuring interoperability across the mechanical engineering sector, especially with a view to meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry. Extensive transfer activities are therefore planned to increase interoperability in production. In this way, the results of the project will provide a central building block for Industrie 4.0, both nationally and internationally.

The project’s specific aims:

  • Identifying key components or machines in order to achieve comprehensive interoperable communication in production
  • Developing cross-sector standards for the entire mechanical engineering industry in the form of the OPC UA for Machinery
  • Aligning the needs of Industrie 4.0 and the manufacturing industry
  • Ensuring the consistency of sector-specific OPC UA Companion Specifications
  • National and international transfer and cooperation
  • Establishing the OPC UA interface standards among politics, the scientific community and the manufacturing industry
Flyer describes goals, measures and fields of action

Learn more about the project, the background, goals and fields of action in the flyer "Interoperable Interfaces for Intelligent Production – OPC UA interfaces connect the world of production".

Funding note

The Interoperable Interfaces for Intelligent Production (II4IP) project is supported by funds from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI). The project is being carried out by the Mechanical Engineering Research Federation (FKM) in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) in the period from February 2020 and January 2023.

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