New Podcast on VDMA's OPC UA Companion Specifications now online


In the new episode of the OPC Foundation Podcast Andreas Faath explains the role of the VDMA in the development of OPC UA Companion Specifications. The head of OPC UA in VDMA gives an overview of the active working groups in VDMA and explains the process underlying the development of a Companion Specification.

In the OPC Foundation podcast on VDMA OPC UA Companion Specifications, Andreas Faath, Head of OPC UA at VDMA, reports on the leading role of VDMA in the development of OPC UA Companion Specifications for mechanical and plant engineering. It shows that the development follows a process that starts with the preparation of the technical work and ends with the publication and use in industry.

The podcast illustrates why it will be the special task of the VDMA in the future to ensure consistency between different VDMA OPC UA Companion Specifications and what is behind the OPC UA for Machinery project.


Questions also answered in the podcast:

  • Who is the VDMA?
  • Why and since when is the VDMA and thus the European and international mechanical and plant engineering industry dealing with OPC UA?
  • Are there also competing standards in mechanical engineering or has OPC UA established itself as the preferred standard?
  • How long does it take to define a Companion Specification?
  • Are the VDMA OPC UA Companion Specifications also globally recognized?
  • How does the VDMA involve global partners in the development process?
  • Is the VDMA the "OPC UA interoperability hub" for Germany and maybe even for the world?
  • What can listeners do if they need more information or want to participate in one of the many groups?

Please click on the image below to listen to the podcast.