VDMA-Einheitsblatt 40 000

VDMA Working Group VDMA-Einheitsblatt 40 000 "How to write an OPC UA Companion Specification"

The VDMA supports the mechanical and plant engineering industry in the development of OPC UA Companion Specifications. In order to make the drafting process efficient and target-oriented, there a process is required that describes the steps, methods and responsibilities during the development phase. This process combines the best practices from the respective OPC UA working groups and supplements them with further expert knowledge. The process "How to write an OPC UA Companion Specification" is published as VDMA- Einheitsblatt 40 000. All VDMA OPC UA working groups are required to structure their work according to this process. The VDMA also provides clear guidelines which are to be observed by all VDMA OPC UA working groups.

The VDMA working group "How to write an OPC UA Companion Specification" has the goal of evaluating and consolidating the approaches used in the individual VDMA OPC UA working groups, supplementing them with expert knowledge of the group and developing a holistic process. This starts with the reporting of the demand up to filled parameter lists, which can then be transferred into an information model, which forms the basis of every OPC UA Companion specification. Furthermore, the role of OPC UA Companion specifications in the context of industry 4.0 is clarified.

With the help of the VDMA-Einheitsblatt 40 000 "How to write an OPC UA Companion Specification", the first step towards fulfilling the vision of cross-industry interoperability is taken. The aim is to achieve the use of this process, defined by this working group, in all VDMA OPC UA working groups. This enables a faster familiarization of new working group members and experts, since all working groups work on the same milestones in the same way. This also allows an easier exchange between different groups and thus also for an easier identification of overlapping communication elements between different working groups. The aim is to simplify the transfer of communication content that has already been developed in further VDMA OPC UA working groups.




The working group is structured as follows:


Andreas Faath, VDMA Forum Industry 4.0

Scientific partner:

Prof. Christian Diedrich, ifak Institute for Automation and Communication Magdeburg


Arburg, B&R, Bosch, Engel, Harting, Hilscher, Krauss Maffei, Krones, KUKA, SAP, Siemens, TE, TRUMPF, Vitronic, Weiss-GmbH

Scientific support:

Fraunhofer IOSB, ISW Stuttgart, THI Ingolstadt.