Three keynotes, 35 worldwide working groups, 353 registered visitors and many conversations with actors from all over the world. The World Interoperbility Conference takes the OPC UA community to the next level of collaboration!
After the kick-off on 22 February 2019 this working group wants to present the umati (universal machine tool interface) OPC UA Companion Specification as Release Candidate until EMO 2019.
The joint OPC UA working group “umati OPC UA JWG” has been established between VDW, the German machine tool builders’ association and the OPC Foundation.
On November 2nd the first "Meeting of the OPC UA Working Groups in the VDMA" took place. Presentations by experts from the OPC community inform the working group participants about the most important activities and innovations concerning OPC UA. In moderated parallel sessions an intensive exchange of experiences took place between the participants of different working groups.
VDMA and OPC Foundation organized the symposium "OPC UA Platform Enabler for Industry 4.0" on 22 and 23 October 2018 in the cities of Pune and Bengalore in India. The approximately 250 participants informed themselves about new activities, technology details, application scenarios and political positions around this worldwide communication standard.
In the smart factory of the future, machines must speak the same language. The decisive factor here is the standardization of communication interfaces.
OPC UA is an open interface standard that defines the mechanisms of cooperation in the industrial environment. The VDMA prioritizes its activities on this interface standard and gives an important orientation to the machine and plant engineering sector. The VDMA guideline “Industrie 4.0 Communication Guideline based on OPC UA” shows action steps that help to implement Industrie 4.0 communication in the company.
Andreas Faath
Andreas Faath
Management Interoperability - OPC UA
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Dr. Christian Mosch
Dr. Christian Mosch
Management Industrie 4.0 standardization
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OPC UA Companion Specifications –an important prerequisite on the way to Industrie 4.0
The definition of uniform interfaces in production is a prerequisite on the way to Industrie 4.0. The VDMA is currently focusing on the interface standard OPC UA and is developing industry-specific OPC UA Companion Specifications. An OPC UA Companion Specification is an information model suitable for all manufacturers which represents the real interfaces between components, machines and systems.